Red Steenbras

Red SteenbrasPlease take note that the inclusion of this species in the Prohibited Species List, has been set aside.

Recreational fishermen are now limited to one red steenbras per day. The ban remains in place for commercial fishermen though.

Judgement in the High Court case by the Border Deep Sea Angling Association against the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and it's minister, has set aside the total ban on catches of Red Steenbras by recreational fishermen, but please read this cautionary note by Mark Beyl:

"Yes the total ban has been set aside, and your interpretation is correct. However, because of the far reaching decision by the Judge (whose reasoning I cannot find fault with), I have now doubt that the Minister will appeal it.

Thus if we were at present in open season the coppers could be caught, but in light of High Court Act, as soon as the Minister lodges an application for leave to appeal, it suspends the operation of the judgement, until such as that application has either been rejected, or if successful upon conclusion of the appeal.

Thus although the judgment still stands, the execution/operation of it is suspended. In view of the fact that the losing party (in this case the Minister) has 21 court days to lodge an application for leave to appeal, the coppers could have been legally caught if it was not closed season.

I would thus rather caution you to rather wait the expiry of the 21 court days, and if no such application for leave to appeal is brought, and off course if the season is open at that stage, then in my view your members may fish the Red Steenbras legally."