The Club's objectives are:

  • To promote social activities and foster the sport of angling and to that end provide social and recreational facilities for the use of Members and their guests.
  • To foster the spirit of harmony and good fellowship among all anglers and maintain the best traditions of angling conforming to international and national standards.
  • To assist the Government and Fisheries Department by conforming to their regulations and pay due regard, in particular, to the requirements of the Sea Fisheries Act.
  • To encourage boat owners to register their boats with the Club.
  • To weigh and keep accurate records of salt water fish captured offshore and to award such trophies as become available for competition by members of the Club and to issue certificates.
  • To assist Government by conforming to regulations relating to angling and other activities and pay due regard in particular to the requirements of the different sub-section activities.

House Rules Booklet